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  1. photo Ivanda Jansone collection MALE

    photo Ivanda Jansone

    collection MALE

    Year 2008 I turned to FASHION first time in my designer's life. The label RECYCLED.LV was created together with fashion and graphic designer Ingrida Zabere (Anna Aizsilniece). It was first redesigned, upcycled clothing concept in Latvia - the fashion made out from unwanted clothing. 

    2008-2009  three my collections was made under the label RECYCLED.LV: FLOUR, SALT (woman's) and MAIL (men's).

    September 2009 we opened an exhibition BOUTIQUE FASHION RECYCLED on Blaumana street, Riga, at event Baltās Naktis during the first art festival SURVIVAL KIT, held by LCCA.